A flooring and rugs visualiser that brings your customer's vision to life. Help your customer make faster decisions by allowing them to preview any flooring products, within their own homes, before they buy.

Why Augxel?

At Augxel, we strive to change the game in terms of how consumers are shopping the flooring products. As consumers migrate more and more toward doing research online before going to a store and picking a floor. They are able to interact with this technology in a very easy and valuable way, which is priming them for making these purchases faster and more confidently.

Engage site visitors
Augxel provides you with an intuitive web app that will keep your visitors engaged and lead to sales
Quick setup
Get started with Augxel in under 3 days. We help you setup your site all the way from buying your domain to showing it to your visitors
Instant Results
Your visitors snap a photo of their room, and visualise your products in their own houses
Perfect results
When shoppers feel comfortable knowing that your product looks good in their house, you generate more sales
Works on all devices
Augxel works on mobiles, laptops and desktops without having to download any apps whatsoever. Just open the site and you're good to go

Are you missing out on sales opportunities?

Engage your customers with flooring and rug visualisations

How it works

Customer takes a picture

They can also select from a range of example rooms to try out the flooring

Selects a product

Customer tries out your products in their house and decides what to buy

You generate a sale

Since customers can now be confident in their choice, you generate more sales

Want Augxel for your business?

We'd love to make it happen

Frequently Asked Questions

From the moment you contact us, you can get started within a week

No. Augxel has no effect on load times for your site

No. You can integrate Augxel directly in your site. The URL remains unchanged

Yes, Augxel integrates with any platform

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